Retreat - Awakening to your deepest authenticity

Retreat - Awakening to your deepest authenticity

13 Jul 17:00 - 19 Jul 17:00 - Amel
La Ferme d'Amel


Embracing the flow of life Intensive - Awakening to your deepest authenticity
The primary focus of this retreat will be to fully experience and embrace the flow of life. Pain and suffering exist because of resistance to life, and we aim to guide participants into an alternative way of being with what arises. Compassionately embracing life while being supported by a witness. In this retreat our main focus will be the Dyad process. We will also include yoga, group processes, movement, and walks in the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds the venue. Although healing and transformation can be a natural outcome of this retreat, the main focus and intention will be simply, to remain present to and experience what arises. Developing a sense of acceptance and trust in life.

The Dyad enquiry process is a process that has many facets. It is a process of deep inner enquiry that is strengthened by the presence of a witness. It is also the foundation of empathic listening, and honest self expression. We learn to strengthen the faculty of true listening whilst also learning to express ourselves from the source of life as it emerges. Participants sit comfortably (on a chair or a cushion) across from one another, and explore what arises when met with a question that invites deep inner enquiry. A beautiful marriage of NVC needs consciousness, meditation and empty listening.

This retreat is offered as a week to connect to our deepest authenticity.
In order to support deep self connection and awareness we will:

Be working intensively from 07:00 in the morning to 21:00 in the evening (with breaks for time in nature/eating/journaling)
Request that you refrain from using the internet-emails-chat or calls, unless as a matter of urgency
Invite you to keep your attention focused on your inner experience and we will therefore request that you keep to a minimum or refrain from socializing and random chatting during the breaks.
The working language will be english for this retreat.

We will offer 3 delicious, organic, freshly prepared vegetarian meals per day. Please inform us of any special dietary requests upon registration.

la Ferme d'Amel
Moderscheid Ridebure 8
4771 Amel

Belgium's La "ferme d'Amel" is a new holiday home in the small village of Moderscheid, 7 km from Amel and 9 km from Butgenbach.
Moderscheid is a village with 30 houses and about 180 inhabitants.
The venue also offers a sauna, infra-red sauna and a Turkish bath (Hamam).
Book early, as there is space for a maximum of 20 participants.

Accomodation is shared with the availability of 2 and 3 persons rooms. Please inform us if you have any specific requests regarding room sharing, and we will do our best to take that into consideration.

13 july arrival between 17:00 and 18:00 (dinner at 19:00 with the program begining at 20:00)
20 july after breakfast (rooms to be vacated by 10:00).

650 excl vat 786.50 incl vat if you register and pay before 1 april 2018
700 excl vat 847 incl vat if you register and pay after 1 april 2018
We warmly invite you to pay more than the requested amount, to support any participants who are unable to pay the full amount.

Nic Burnand will faciltate the circles, and dyad process's
Since my teenage years, I have had the question “Is this it” There must be more to life than job, children, house, pension, death. This question led me on an quest to discover how I can live life more fully present, alive and with joy. My journey has taken me to remote places, and spending hundreds of hours in retreats, ceremonies, workshops, as well as in my own personal daily practice. I discovered the Dyad enquiry practice 4 years ago, and since then have been practicing and sharing this way of meeting life in the workshops, retreats, and one on one sessions that I offer as a CNVC certified trainer. Along with nonviolent communication, I have found the Dyad practice to be the most deeply transformative practice that I have encountered so far.

Pieter Van der Stighelen will offer yoga and guided walks .
I call myself a holistic health coach. I have been trained as a health therapist and orthomolecular therapist according to the CPNI (clinical psycho-neuro-immunology). I have travelled together with my wife Inge for twelve months through India and Nepal. We both followed a yoga teacher training, immersed in meditation, Ayurveda, Tibetan acupressure, sound healing and Eastern spirituality. I organize and supervise purification weeks, yoga retreats and now for the first time this Dyad retreat. In 2009 I started my independent practice until we were able to set up the 'Holistic centre -OM-'. I am also a counseling teacher at the Levensschool, musician and nature guide.

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